December 12, 2014

spirit of the night

I'd say the majority of the world gets its autumnal showers here and there. I can't talk for many places in the world but I can say without a doubt, the rain would grace Southern California with its presence every once in awhile. A few hours into the day, the clouds would begin to part and crack like ice just as the sun goes down. I'd walk outside to puddles glistening in the reflection of the sunset. I don't see rain often and it's one of the most beautiful things I have been graced with in this world and I plan to cherish it until I see it again. After dealing with unseasonably warm weather these past few weeks, the cold here seems to be creeping in like the most beautiful of ghosts. I'm writing as I'm about to head to bed so I'll be sending you into a December night with some quick snaps from the past week... but just for the record: I'm extremely excited to match my wardrobe to my soul, roam around in warm art galleries, and wander under the moon in knits and layers. Finally?!

"Miracle Mile" at LACMA / 4:59PM /  Tobi sweater (c/o) / people watching / Friday night sights

November 30, 2014

white out

Inspiration comes at you unexpectedly like the falling boulder in the Indiana Jones ride at Disneyland. There's that lightning and the bumpy car and you don't know what is going on but you have to do something about it—anything—so, you walk outside and look around which ultimately makes the feeling worse, especially as clouds roll in overhead and it's quiet and peaceful and everything just feels so weird. This is how inspiration approaches me. But if I don't do anything about it, it drifts off as if that huge boulder didn't even squish me at all 20 minutes ago and then everything just feels off... for days, weeks... even months. This happened to me recently blog-wise and to cut it short: I'm back. Long time, no see, right?! But here's to a fresh start—and themed posts! Showing pops of white here to celebrate a clean slate. Missed being on here.

Some Sunday morning shadow play snapped by Grace + Rehab cardigan, Sundry t-shirt (c/o Bollare), American Apparel jeans / Seventh Tea Bar + ZeroUV sunglasses (c/o) / Santa Monica Museum of Art / between a showroom visit to Berri Goldfarb and brunch with Natalie / Holographic water situation + ZeroUV sunglasses (c/o) / Mohawk General Store